At Retfalvi and Associates, we are committed to providing high caliber project management and risk management consulting solutions to meet your business needs. We strive to provide all of our clients with support that yields consistent, repeatable results. We are passionate about bringing your ideas to fruition. Regardless of your company size or project management and risk management maturity level, our goal is to be your project management partner.

Our organizational model allows us to reach out and engage partner organizations to assist us in delivering solutions which meet your needs.

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Retfalvi and Associates is a premier provider of project management knowledge and insight. Our role is to help our clients succeed.


Many projects and programs struggle to deliver on time, on budget and within client expectations. Our experience shows this applies to non-profit, private, national, and government organizations. Our goal is to assist by building critical leadership competencies and capacity in project management practitioners of all levels and industries. An investment in training and/or coaching can significantly reduce schedule overruns, cost of delays or unexpected project failures.

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